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NZXT Respire T20 CPU Cooler Review

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NZXT Respire T20 CPU Cooler Review



NZXT's Respire series comprises of both the Respire T40 and T20. We

have already taken a look at the Respire T40 which you can read here


. The NZXT Respire T20 is a cut down version of the Respire T40 so

naturally the price is a bit lower and thus the performance will also

be lower too. The big question though, is "how much lower will the

performance be than the Respire T40"?


NZXT's Respire T20 sacrifices the four 8mm heat pipes on the T40 in

favour of two 6mm heat pipes and one 8mm heat pipe. The fan used is

absolutely identical and the heat sink is much thinner so there is

still 100% RAM compatibility. You can check out the full

specifications of the Respire T20 here.



The Respire T20 falls into the budget segment of the CPU cooler

market, at around £30. The Gelid GX-7 (£32), Cooler Master Hyper 412

Slim (£35) and Reeven Kelveros (£35) are the closest direct

competitors we have tested. Let's get onto the review and see how this

budget offering from NZXT performed.









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