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Netgear XAVB5201 500Mbps Powerline Adaptor Review

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Posted 03 January 2013 - 01:56 AM



Netgear XAVB5201 500Mbps Powerline Adaptor Review

For a number of years, I've had my reservations over the concept of
powerline adaptors and this has been a point that I've stood against
since. This lack of faith was mainly set by a number of different kits
that either resulted in very poor throughput (even when plugged in
next to each other) or a total lack of connectivity. In a similar
light, the concept of transmitting data across a mains cable seems to
go against the grain of networking, where running high voltage power
cables next to data cables should be avoided to reduce interference
and data loss.

As the years have gone on and technology has improved vastly,
powerline technology has also come a long way. To see if my woes about
powerline adaptors can be set aside and a trust in the technology
rebuilt, I've been invited to try out one of Netgear's latest kits,
namely the XAVB5201.

For those that are new to the powerline concept, the technology simply
uses the existing mains wiring in any building to link together two
remote areas that are either too far away to connect by a network
cable directly or in a new modern twist, it removes the need to trail
cables across the house. There is the argument that there is WiFi for
this, but in certain instances, WiFi is not an option.



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