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Noctua NF-F12 PWM 120mm Fan Review

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Noctua NF-F12 PWM 120mm Fan Review



The infamous beige and brown colour scheme of Noctua fans may be "make

or break" for some people's buying preferences, but that hasn't

stopped the Noctua NF-F12s being some of the most respected 120mm fans

on the market. Surprisingly, we've yet to take a look at the Noctua

NF-F12 fans here at eTeknix and today we've managed to get some in

from Noctua to have a good look at. In an era when consumers are being

increasingly more fussy about aesthetics, quality and noise, Noctua

have managed to make a name for themselves with the NF-F12s.


We are going to walk you briefly through the Noctua NF-F12 fans and

show you how their acoustic performance stacks up against some

competing fans. Unfortunately we can't do any CFM-airflow tests as we

lack the expensive equipment to do so, also using proxy measurements

like fan performance on CPU heatsinks is a very hit-and-miss process

because different heatsinks require different things - some benefit

from static pressure, others from high airflow and others from a mix

of both. Add to that the fact you can start playing around with single

or dual fan configurations, PWM speeds or fixed speeds like

500/1000/1500RPM, different testing environments like cases or open

air test benches and suddenly you've got more graphs than you can

shake a stick at - let alone draw accurate conclusions from.





Check it out here!







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