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GoSmart Launches New GoSmart Freedom Stylus with Cleaner P?= ure Design - World's Most Accurate Stylus for iPad & Other?= Touchscreen Devices

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Press Release: http://www.thomas-pr.com/gosmart/gosmartstylusnomagnetsrelease.html






GoSmart Logo: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/gosmartlogo.html


GoSmart Stylus No Magnets: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/gosmartstyluscaps.html


GoSmart Stylus No Magnets Tips Up: http://www.thomas-pr.com/136/photos/gosmartstylustips.html




YouTube Videos:


Writing as an Lefty on iPad:









Karen Thomas/Eva Yutani


Thomas PR (631) 549-7575


kthomas ( -at -) thomaspr.com eyutani ( -at -) thomaspr.com www.thomas-pr.com www.thomaspublicrelations.com














Stylus & iPad Replace Pen & Paper




Patent-Pending See-Through Tip for Ultimate in Accuracy


Draw, Paint, Write, or Select on Your iPad Just Like Pen & Paper




December 12, 2012, Los Angeles, CA - GoSmart, Inc. www.justgosmart.com announced today the "GoSmart Freedom Stylus" (without magnets), the world's smoothest, most precise stylus for iPads, touchscreen tablets, smart phones and other devices. The GoSmart Freedom Stylus (without magnets) is based on the original GoSmart Stylus, which features rare earth magnets to attach the GoSmart Stylus to the iPad smart cover, keeping them together when traveling to meetings, classes, or for other uses - a extremely useful feature. If you don't have the smart cover or use an older iPad or non-Apple tablet, then the stylus' magnets are not needed, which is why GoSmart is today launching the new GoSmart Freedom Stylus (without magnets).




The new streamlined GoSmart Freedom Stylus (without magnets) is perfect for customers who use the Stylus all day (such as professional artists and students), and don't travel often with their stylus and iPad. The new GoSmart Freedom Stylus is priced slightly less than the original Stylus, at $23.95, and is available immediately.




Like the original GoSmart Stylus, the GoSmart Freedom Stylus comes in two versions:




· Series 300 "Rocketship" Stylus - looks and feels cool (like a rocket) and stands up with a silicone rubber tip that grabs the smooth curved stylus body. It comes in red, white, blue and black.


· GoSmart Series 200 "Pen" Stylus - shaped like a pen, it is more practical for professionals, like doctors, lawyers and business people who want to use the Stylus in a professional setting or for people who are always on the go and need a rigid cap to protect the tip inside backpacks, purses and briefcases. The cap is made from the same material as bullet-proof glass (polycarbonate) and has a clip so it can go inside a shirt pocket.



No Tapping Noise When Taking Notes - No Clunky Foam or Discs




The GoSmart Freedom Stylus' Teflon-coated metal tip quietly glides on the iPad or other touchscreen for clear and accurate visibility for a precise touch unimpeded by clunky foam or plastic discs which encumber most other styluses. Strong and flexible at the same time, the stylus easily pivots to accommodate various hold angles, never scratching your device's touchscreen display. And unlike plastic styluses, you won't hear tapping noises when using the GoSmart Stylus -- a key feature for silently taking notes during lectures and meetings.




Patent-Pending Tip with Capacitive Coupling Technology




The GoSmart Stylus provides unique clarity and precision via its patent-pending tip, which employs Capacitive Coupling Technology, the principle that a conductive wire has electric fields extending well beyond the wire itself. By combining several wire rings, the GoSmart Stylus acts like a solid conductive surface with minimal material, providing a clearer view of the touchscreen display.


The GoSmart Freedom Stylus (without magnets) is available immediately, priced at $23.95 and the original GoSmart Stylus (with magnets) is priced at $24.95. Both styles are available in two ergonomic designs: 300 Series (rocket-shape style) and 200 Series (pen-shaped style) through the GoSmart site at: http://justgosmart.com/store/ or through Amazon.com. For more information, see the GoSmart website: www.justgosmart.com YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JustGoSmart?feature=watch Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JustGoSmart Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/justgosmart.


About GoSmart




GoSmart, Inc. www.justgosmart.com is a privately held company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. GoSmart develops and markets exceptionally useful travel aids and consumer accessories for smart mobile devices. Their current product line includes the GoSmart Stylus with precise touchscreen pointing with an unobstructed view through a patent-pending capacitive wire tip; the GoSmart Restpad; and GoSmart Clip for iPhone for safer GPS viewing in the car. For more information, see www.justgosmart.com.







Karen Thomas/Eva Yutani


Thomas PR (631) 549-7575


kthomas ( -at -) thomaspr.com eyutani ( -at -) thomaspr.com www.thomas-pr.com www.thomaspublicrelations.com






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