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McAfee VirusScan 4.5 - Does Yours Work Too ?

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Yet another in a long line of dubious (and anonymous) 'reviews' graces the apps pages. I have twice installed McAfee VirusScan 4.5 on my Win2K system without any problems at all and certainly with no worse a performance hit than 4.02 presented (i.e., almost negligible). I can only imagine that the reviewer in this case has a distinct issue with something common to all the machines tested and not necessarily with this software.



Currently, I have 33 processes in task manager, 158 out of 196 MB physical memory in use and with MCShield.exe itself only using 3MB. Control panel loads in about a second (all icons visible a split second later). I can run scans on anything I want without any problem whatsoever. This is with the latest engine and DAT installed (via SDAT4082.EXE) but it was fine before too. I have all options enabled (System Scan, Email Scan, Download Scan & Internet Filter) along with comprehensive heuristics and macro-virus detection and all files are being scanned, not just programs.


Kit -


Tyan 1696DLUA (onboard dual-channel Adaptec 3940AUW)

2 x 333 Celerons on MSI 9605 Adapters

3 x 64MB DIMMs

Yamaha 4260

1 x Seagate (badged Compaq) 34572W 4.5GB SCSI

FireGL 1000 (8MB)


Intel PCI network card

Diamond SupraExpress 56e (external).

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I'm the reviewer in question smile

We have installed McAfee VirusScan 4.5 onto 10 Windows 2000 PC's.

They aren't all the same specification, but similar.

Every single one of these PC's has taken a big performance hit and I'm talking big.

If we switch e-mail scanning off then the performance hit isn't as bad, but still noticable.

The only thing in common between all of the machines is the fact they all sit on our Novell network, so I guess it 'could' be an issue with Clinet32.

We have spoken to Novell about this and they say no it's nothing to do with them.

Machines in question range from PII 350's to PIII 650's.

When we spoke to Network Associates they confirmed with us that there was an issue but no they didn't have an estimated time to fix.

Do you have the e-mail scanning enabled on your system?

If you do then obviously I'm interested as we may be pointing at thewrong thing causing us problems.

All of the machines have a standard set of software installed, Microsoft Office etc but we are pretty sure non of these applications are causing issues.

We also find it very difficult to believe it's a hardware issue, but I guess it could be.

Most of the machine we are using are based on the Intel SE440BX-2 motherboard.

When we spoke to this European Technical Support person he too confirmed with us that it was an issue they were addressing.



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