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In Win GRone Full Tower Chassis Review

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In Win GRone Full Tower Chassis Review



Today I will be taking a close look at the GRone Full Tower PC Chassis

from well the well known manufacturer In Win. The GRone is aimed right

at the heart of the PC gaming market, which as many of you will be

well aware of is full of fierce competition from rival brands, leaving

you with no shortage of choice in terms of style and performance when

it comes to computer components, the PC chassis market is no

different. So what does In Win have to offer to tempt you to spend

your hard earned cash? well that's hopefully what we will be finding

out today.


The GRone is priced at anywhere from £90-130 depending on when and

where you look for one, which isn't cheap but it's about on par with

other premium gaming chassis on the market, although of course you

could spend more if you wanted, In Win them selves have chassis three

times the price on the GRone. With a three digit price tag there are a

few things you're going to want from your chassis, for your financial

investment you want to see good build quality, a sturdy feature list

and great performance, you may also want a good level of style, but

that's a subjective quality for every individual.


Let's start by taking a look at the (lengthy) feature list below. As

you can see the GRone comes with plenty of support for lots of

storage, large E-ATX motherboards, long PSU's, 36.5cm graphics cards

and a whole host of cooling fan and water cooling radiators

throughout. This is just the sort of feature list I was hoping to see

within this price range and I'm already expecting great things from

this chassis.





Check it out here!







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