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Hitman Absolution PC Review

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Posted 03 December 2012 - 05:56 PM



Hitman Absolution PC Review

This week I've been spending time with Agent 47 in his latest outing
Hitman Absolution. Now I know many fans of the series will have been
waiting eagerly for this title to be released, but not me. I last
played Hitman Codename 47 (yes the very first in the series) and even
then it was only the demo! so that's 12 years between a demo and
Absolution, I'm going into this one blind.

For those of you that don't know, the premise of the game is right in
the title. You play the role of Agent 47, a contract Hitman and
naturally this being a game, you're supposed to be the best, most bad
ass and apparently baldest Hitman there is.

Hitman comes from IO Interactive, who have been behind the whole
Hitman series and most worryingly (for me at least) the god awful Kane
& Lynch franchise. Now of course I am playing the PC edition of this
game, which was in fact developed for consoles as the primary format,
but Nixxes <http://www.nixxes.com/nixxes/projects>
have done some stunning conversion work in the past and I have high
hopes for this port.

So lets get started with the trailer for Hitman Absolution so you can
really see just what this game is all about.


Check it out here!


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