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Enermax Hoplite ST Mid-Tower PC Chassis Review

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Enermax Hoplite ST Mid-Tower PC Chassis Review



Today were taking a look at the Hoplite ST chassis from Enermax. We

managed to get hold of the white edition of the chassis for the review

and priced at around £70 it's set nicely between the mid budget and

premium build chassis in terms of cost. So I'm expecting a decent

level of build quality, features and performance from this chassis as

£70 is still a lot of money.


There are no shortage of choices when it comes to a computer chassis

around this price range, with every chassis manufacturer offering

something within this price range. Competition can be fierce and when

buying a chassis in this price range you would expect support for

modern hardware, good style and hopefully value for money too, so it

will be interesting to see if Enermax can hold it's own in all these



Enermax them selves have over 20 years experience in this market,

making everything from power supplies to PC chassis, so they certainly

know what they're doing by now. While they may not be the first brand

to pop into your head when considering a chassis purchase, at least

not here in the UK. They do have a strong fan base and a very

successful selection of products, ranging from the Fulmo GT jumbo

tower down to the modest Ostrog Mid-Tower


that we looked at a few weeks ago.


So lets get started and take a closer look at just what the Hoplite ST

has to offer.





Check it out here!







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