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HGST Touro Mobile Pro 500GB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive Review

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Title:  HGST Touro Mobile Pro 500GB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive Review ( -at -) NikKTech


Description:   Only 25 or so days before we go dark for our much anticipated Christmas vacations (which shouldn't last more than 10 days in total) and so we decided to mainly focus on reviews requested by some of you during the last 2 months. Needless to say we are already testing quite a few gaming peripherals for the past 2 weeks so there isn't really much time for anything else that requires time and effort to test, however since the primary concern of most of you have been 2.5" portable hard disk drives (much easier/faster to test) we gathered quite a few of the latest USB 3.0 models here to see which delivers the most bang for your buck. The first of those portable USB 3.0 HDDs is no other than the latest Touro Mobile Pro 500GB by HGST.



Article Link:   http://www.nikktech.com/main/articles/peripherals/1100-hgst-touro-mobile-pro-500gb-usb-3-0-portable-hard-drive


Image Link: http://www.nikktech.com/main/images/pics/reviews/hitachi_gst/touro_mobile_pro/touro_mobile_proa.jpg


A News Post Would Be Appreciated.Thanks In Advance.

SincerelyNik Kastrantas


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