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Netgear Prosafe GS724TPS 24 Port Gigabit Smart Stackable PoE Switch Review

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Netgear Prosafe GS724TPS 24 Port Gigabit Smart Stackable PoE Switch




Following our recent look at one of Netgear's Prosafe wireless access

points, the WNDAP360


, which got a huge thumbs up in our testing, we thought that its worth

taking a look at what lies at the heart of each and every network in

one form or another and that's the switches. Without these networking

multi-sockets, the internet wouldn't be and neither would be modern

communications. Switches are the unsung heroes of networks and they

have probably the hardest time, ensuring that data goes in the right

direction depending on the users needs and their configurations and

all at high speed.


Netgear as we know have been around for a quite a time and they are

one of the leading manufacturers of networking equipment, so its

therefore no surprise that you're likely to find their name somewhere

within a large scale network at some point or another. Prosafe is

Netgear's top line of systems and typically these are what you'll find

in the larger networks whilst the rest of their product line-up covers

the mid and smaller scales such as home deployment.


The TS724TPS is not just any switch that is purely plug-and-play, this

particular model is a managed switch with many options to be played

with on its web user interface to tweak and adjust it to operate in a

particular fashion based on the end users requirements. On top of

that, it is also capable of delivering power over each of its 24 RJ45

Ethernet ports to remote devices like the access point we looked at

before and also the likes of IP cameras for ease of deployment and






Check it out here!







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