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Icy Dock MB153SP-B "FatCage" 3-in-2 SATA Backplane Module @ Hi Tech Legion

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Hello Everyone,

HiTech Legion has released a new article. Hopefully your readers will

find it interesting.


/*Review:*/ Icy Dock MB153SP-B "FatCage" 3-in-2 SATA Backplane Module


( -at -) Hi Tech Legion


/*Snippet:*/ /"//The Icy Dock "FatCage" MB153SP-B is a 3-in-2 internal

SATA HDD cage that was designed to save space inside a chassis. The Icy

Dock FatCage 3-in-2 SATA device is also designed to save time through a

simplified mounting mechanism which is interchangeable with ten other

Icy Dock internal and external storage items. To keep temperature levels

optimal, Icy Dock has outfitted the FatCage series backplane modules

with an 80mm cooling fan which actively cools the drives inside. The

durable metal frame of the MB153SP FatCage is not only designed for

durability, it also dissipates the heat emitted by the drives installed.

The Icy Dock MB153SP FatCage only requires two 15-pin SATA power

connectors to fully operate three drives and the active cooling fan,

saving overall power. For those worried about thermal conditions,

especially when installing inside compared to typical HDD cages.//"/


/*Article Url:*/



/*Image Url: */http://www.hitechlegion.com/images/storage/mb153spb/1s.jpg


Thank You for Helping us grow and we would appreciate your future support.


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