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Noctua NH-L12 L-Type Low Profile CPU Cooler Review

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Noctua NH-L12 L-Type Low Profile CPU Cooler Review



Noctua is a brand name that is very often associated with three

things: silence, quality and performance. Yet there is a lot more to

Noctua than the NH-D14: that world renowned dual tower heatsink that

is the yardstick by which air CPU cooler performance is measured.


In recognition of the growing Home Theatre Personal Computer (HTPC)

and Small Form Factor Personal Computer (SFF PC) markets, Noctua has

introduced three CPU coolers in recent times which are of note. The

newest additions are the NH-L9i


and NH-L9a


and a slightly older addition is the NH-L12


. We will have a review of the NH-L9i coming very soon but in today's

review we have with us the NH-L12.


The NH-L12 is a top down low profile CPU cooler measuring in at just

93mm high with the option to drop down to 66mm by taking off the top

fan. Whichever way you configure it, 93mm or 66mm, that's a very low

profile CPU cooler. The NH-L12 features two fans, a 92mm NF-B9 PWM fan

and a 120mm NF-F12 PWM. The NF-F12 fan, like the NH-D14, is one of the

most respected enthusiast products on the market. We have a review of

the NF-F12 fans coming very soon too so watch this space.


Without any more blabber, lets head on off into this review of the

Noctua NH-L12. If you are interested in checking out in technical

specifications first then please feel free to visit the specifications

page here







Check it out here!







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