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[DreamWare Computers] SilverStone ST55F-G 550W 80PLUS Gold Power Supply

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SilverStone ST55F-G 550W 80PLUS Gold Power Supply ( -at -) DreamWare Computers


*Quote*: "Looking to reach the users who need lower wattage models, which

is starting to account for a lot of PC builders as our components become

more and more energy efficient, Silverstone has recently revamped their

Strider Gold lineup, which previously only had a 1000W model, to now

include 550W and 650W models. On my bench here today I have the 550W

ST55F-G model."







As always, thank you for any mention you can make!



Are we not already trading news? Drop me a line at the email in my

signature to get setup for news sharing with DreamWare Computers! Our

automatic news roundups are updated several times a day for the fastest

exposure of your latest reviews!




Steve Blackwell

Founder, www.dreamwarecomputers.com

steve ( -at -) dreamwarecomputers.com



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