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Amazon Prime Instant Video for Windows Media Center @ Bigbruin.com

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Bigbruin.com has published new content which might be of interest to your

readers. A post on your site regarding this announcement would be greatly



*Title:* Amazon Prime Instant Video for Windows Media Center


*Link:* http://bigbruin.com/content/primemce_1<http://bigbruin.com/content/cmscout2_1>


*Image (250x250):*



*Quote:* So many devices support Prime videos that it seemed ridiculous to

me that something wasn't available for Media Center users. Then late last

week I discovered a post on TheGreenButton that made my day... A

"business-focused tech-evangelist" name Gareth Barr was working on an

Amazon Prime Instant Video add-in of his own!


Thank you.


Best regards,








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