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[DreamWare Computers] FSP Raider 650W Power Supply

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FSP Raider 650W Power Supply ( -at -) DreamWare Computers


*Quote*: "The Raider power supplies are priced to compete in the mainstream

market (middle of the line). Their aim is to provide a high performing

supply, which even shares some features with the Aurum line, but at a price

that isn't too out of reach for most shoppers. The Raider series is 80PLUS

Bronze certified, non-modular and features FSP's unique MIA IC design which

helps keep the supply smaller in size than most similar wattage units."







As always, thank you for any mention you can make!



Are we not already trading news? Drop me a line at the email in my

signature to get setup for news sharing with DreamWare Computers! Our

automatic news roundups are updated several times a day for the fastest

exposure of your latest reviews!




Steve Blackwell

Founder, www.dreamwarecomputers.com

steve ( -at -) dreamwarecomputers.com



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