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Windows 3.1, DosBox, and a game that requires a disk

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I'm running DosBox 0.74 with Windows 3.1 all set up and ready to do. Windows works perfectly inside DosBox, and I even installed a game which I can easily get to and it starts without an issue.


However, once the game starts, it requires a disk. Seeing that Windows 3.1 had an A:\ drive that wasn't being used, I tried to mount the two .iso files for the game I want to play within DosBox, using the virtual A:\ drive


IMGMOUNT A "Connections Game - CD1.iso" "Connections Game - CD2.iso" -t iso


The mounting works fine, so I added it to the [autoexec]. However, nothing shows up in the A:\ drive once Windows 3.1 is running, but I can't play the game without Windows 3.1 acknowledging that there's a disk. Am I doing something wrong? How does one mount a virtual drive within Windows 3.1?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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