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Internet Explorer 10 RTM Benchmarked

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Hi Everyone,


We have published a new article that you might like.


Quote: "During the last ten years, Internet Explorer (IE)

has completely lost its reputation - mostly thanks to its poor

performance, stability issues, security vulnerabilities and a

lack of functionality. IE became a joke among PC users. But

luckily for its fans, Microsoft hasn't given up hope. In fact,

it improved things drastically in the last three versions.

However, IE9's performance is still remarkably poor compared to

the other web browsers.


This brings us to Internet Explorer 10. Now if you may or may

not know, Microsoft has completed its development and is

included with Windows 8 RTM (coming soon to Windows 7 PCs).

Since Windows 8 RTM is now available on MSDN and TechNet, we

were able to benchmark IE10. Has IE gotten any faster? Read on

to find out."


Link: http://www.ngohq.com/news/22226-internet-explorer-10-rtm-benchmarked.html


A post in your site would be greatly appreciated,


Thank you! and don't forget to send us your press releases to:


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