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How to Split a Linux Log File by Day or Month @ OCmodshop

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OCModShop has a new article about Linux maintenance, particularly how

to manage unweildy log files!


Title: How to Split Linux Log Files by Day or Month ( -at -) OCmodshop










Unless your admins took the extra care to automatically separate your

log files by date, then you may have noticed one huge-ass log file in

your web page's directory... especially if it isn't compressed.


In my case I had an 11.3GB log file sitting in my home directory, and

I really needed to split it up into smaller files.


There's a very easy way to do this with the Linux command line.


A news post on your site would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


Alan McCloskey


www.ocmodshop.com <http://www.ocmodshop.com/>



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