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The Secret World Gaming and Performance Review @Hi Tech Legion

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Hello Everyone,

HiTech Legion has released a new article. Hopefully your readers will

find it interesting.


/*Review:*/ The Secret World Gaming and Performance Review


( -at -) Hi Tech Legion


/*Snippet:*/ /"The Secret World takes many concepts from existing MMOs

and blends them together with a modern twist. The Secret World uses the

current Age of Conan engine and features visual advancement when using

the new 600 series NVidia cards. 3D Vision is fully supported to enhance

the gaming experience. The games setting is modern day real world and

uses twists of current mythology, legends, and pop culture to fuel it's

plot. Characters development uses a class free and level free system

that allows complete customization and allows exploration of all skills."/


/*Article Url:*/



/*Image Url: */http://www.hitechlegion.com/images/stories/tswmmo/2.jpg


Thank You for Helping us grow and we would appreciate your future support.


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