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Project Lab: Building a 'Silent' PC from Legacy Hardware

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Most IT workers or computer enthusiasts tend to ‘accumulate’ computer

and electronics gear over time. Over the years it is easy to end up

with piles of old and outdated computer parts, components and

electronics–whether it’s an old Pentium machine that your work was

throwing out, RAM chips you no longer needed after your last upgrade,

or an old CRT monitor that your cousin wasnÂ’t sure what to do with.

Tossing the accumulated hardware out with the next trash pickup

doesnÂ’t even enter the equation, because thereÂ’s that slight

possibility you might need it someday.


URL: http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Editorial/Project-Lab-Building-Silent-PC-Legacy-Hardware


Quote: "Using components you already have lying around, you may very

well be able to build a nearly ‘silent’ PC. With that said, unless you

have some newer components available, you may not be able to go truly

‘silent’ without spending some money. Low RPM fans, fanless power

supplies, and SSDÂ’s are key to the quest for quiet. While I ended up

spending around $330 for my project, only $250 of that was related to

noise. A quick search online for custom built “Quiet PC’s” show prices

upwards of $4,000, so depending on your computing needs and what you

already have lying around, it very well could be worth the time and

effort it takes to put together your own Quiet PC."




Ryan Shrout

PC Perspective

rshrout ( -at -) pcper.com




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