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GEIL EVO VELOCE – Dual Channel 2133 M?= Hz Review - XSReviews

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Hey guys,


XSReviews has**a new review:*


********* *Title: *GEIL EVO VELOCE – Dual Channel 2133 MHz Review ( -at -)








******** *Quote: *"GEIL is a Taiwanese company that produces a number of

PC hardware components for gamers, including SSDs and RAM. Today weÂ’ll

be looking at the latter – specifically, we’ll be testing their EVO

VELOCE line of memory, which is their fourth line of DDR3 memory. Our

particular kit runs at 2133 MHz (thatÂ’s PC3-17000) and is compatible

with most contemporary motherboards running Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge

processors. We were impressed with Golden Emperor International LtdÂ’s

previous RAM series when we reviewed it last year – will this newest

batch live up to its Italian namesake? LetÂ’s find out."


A link to the article would be much appreciated. *


RSS Feed:* http://xsreviews.co.uk/feed/




Jon "Whoopty" Martindale

www.xsreviews.co.uk <http://www.xsreviews.co.uk>



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techseed.co.uk <http://www.techseed.co.uk>, the technology review network.




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