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CMStorm QuickFire Rapid Review: Everything You Need

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The gaming keyboard market seems to rigorously follow a common rule of

consumer products - more is more. If a keyboard is for gamers it

should include lots of fancy gaming related features, and the more

that are included, the more hardcore the keyboard. Macro buttons,

customizable back-lighting and LCD screens are all features of modern

gaming keyboards–and you don’t see many companies going the other



URL: http://pcper.com/reviews/General-Tech/CMStorm-QuickFire-Rapid-Review-Everything-You-Need


Quote: "Then again, this is a uniquely inexpensive keyboard. You can

buy one off Amazon right now for about $65. ThatÂ’s less than many

high-end rubber-dome keyboards and only five dollars more than a

Logitech G110, a keyboard that does have backlighting and macro keys

but also has a vastly inferior typing feel. In my opinion the

QuickFire Rapid is an exceptional value."


Thanks for posting!!


Ryan Shrout

PC Perspective

rshrout ( -at -) pcper.com




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