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[DreamWare Computers] Silverstone FT03-MINI ITX Case + ST45SF PSU

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Silverstone FT03-MINI ITX Case + ST45SF PSU ( -at -) DreamWare Computers



"There's a decent selection of ITX cases on the market thanks in part

to the growing popularity of this small form factor. To kick off some

upcoming ITX case reviews I'll be starting by looking at the

Silverstone FT03-MINI along with Silverstone's ST45SF SFX power

supply. You might recognize the FT03-MINI because it's merely a

shunken version of the FT03 which I've reviewed in the past."







As always, thank you for any mention you can make!



Are we not already trading news? Drop me a line at the email in my

signature to get setup for news sharing with DreamWare Computers! Our

automatic news roundups are updated several times a day for the

fastest exposure of your latest reviews!




Steve Blackwell

Founder, www.dreamwarecomputers.com

steve ( -at -) dreamwarecomputers.com




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