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A Futurelooks News Flash - Futurelooks and NVIDIA are Teaming Up To Give Away End of Nations BETA Keys!

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***Got News For Us? We post everyone's stuff, but you have to send it to

the right place. The proper address is below.***


Hello Again!


Futurelooks has BETA keys to this cool RTS from Trion Worlds ...



*Futurelooks and NVIDIA are Teaming Up To Give Away End of Nations BETA




If youÂ’re waiting to get your first taste of End of Nations from Trion

Worlds, the wait is finally over. Your chance to wage sprawling 56-player

battles in this yearÂ’s most anticipated MMO real-time strategy game is

close at hand. In just a week and a half away, youÂ’ll be able to play it in

a special closed BETA weekend on August 10 – 12th , 2012. The only catch is

youÂ’ll need a BETA key to join in on the fun. ThatÂ’s why Futurelooks has

teamed up with NVIDIA to make sure that we get as many of our lucky readers

as possible, into this special invitation only event.


*Direct Link:*



If you think your readers would be interested, a post to your own news

section would totally be appreciated. If we're sending our news to the

wrong place, we apologize. Just send us a message with the correct address

to the address below.


Don't forget that *WE WANT TO POST YOUR NEWS!* But you have to send it to

the RIGHT PLACE! If you want in on the action, we invite you to send your


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