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Why Windows 8 Start Menu's Absence is Irrelevant

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*Why Windows 8 Start Menu's Absence is Irrelevant*




Although every product deserves healthy criticism, many opinions of Windows

8 seem to be based on misconceptions, especially when it comes to the

viability of Metro as a Start menu replacement. For the record, I don't

care if you skip the update -- hell, I might pass on it too -- nor do I

care if it's the most failtastic operating system in Windows' 26-year



However, I believe your opinion should be formed by facts, not irrational

rhetoric parroted online by so-called power users and companies that want

to sell you third-party programs. The truth is, functionally speaking,

Metro is basically identical to the Start menu.


Thank you.


Julio Franco

Executive Editor | TECHSPOT

( -at -) juliofranco





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