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Battle with No Boundaries in Soul of Guardian!

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Dear Subscriber:

The following press release was sent from www.utopiawire.com.



Battle with No Boundaries in Soul of Guardian!


Shenzhen, China - July 12, 2012 -

In July, Soul of Guardian is going to make the highly anticipated Cross-server Battle come true! It has been requested by players for a long time. Finally you will be able to test your PvP progress against the best of the best from all of the SOG servers. "In Soul of Guardian, we're always bringing new features and content to the table with our weekly updates. Cross-server Battle will be one of our most important updates, hopefully it will be welcomed by SOGers," said Johnny Wellman, WSGame's operations director. A battle with no boundaries is on! You will find yourself standing on a battlefield, competing with 10,000 players from various region of the world. But don't rush to the battle unless you are fully prepared. Otherwise you will be smashed by elites from all over the world. Do remember to put on your best equipment and sharpen your weapons with runes and gems, making yourself as powerful as you can. Now comes the time when you reveal your strength and gorgeous skills to the world! Join this intense combat now! Visit http://sog.wsgame.com to play for free! About Soul of Guardian (SOG) Soul of Guardian(SOG) is a free browser-based Action Role Playing game released on March 16,2012. Set in a hybrid fantasy world, it has four classes for players to choose, namely Blade Warrior, Dagger Assassin, Hammer Judge and Spear Guard, to be differentiated by their respective specialty. Have fun with SOG - the latest, most played RPG of 2012! For more information about Soul of Guardian visit the website at http://sog.wsgame.com. About WSGame WSGame, a fast growing web game operator and publisher, focusing on global free-to-play MMO games operation, and it offers an extensive range of online games to players in different genres including FPS, Simulation, RPG, Sports, etc... For more information about WSGame visit the official website at http://www.wsgame.com.



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