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22-Way Mousepad Comparison

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Title:  22-Way Mousepad Comparison ( -at -) NikKTech


Description:  Most gamers and professionals who require both speed and accuracy always focus in getting the best available mouse money can buy but always or at least most of the time they don't focus nearly as much in getting an equally good mousepad (glide surface). To be honest with you i used to be like that up until around 6 years ago when i first got two Razer ExactMat aluminum mousepads one of which is still "alive" and kicking (quite tough). Now for the past 5 or so months I’ve been gathering pretty much every single gaming oriented mousepad i can find in the market in an effort to see which offers the best bang for your buck and today after all these months of testing i can finally release this comparison. The products as clearly stated on the title are quite many so before you head to the next page you may want to take a look at the available information for each of the participating companies.



Article Link:   http://www.nikktech.com/main/articles/peripherals/536-22-way-mousepad-comparison


Image Link:  http://www.nikktech.com/main/images/pics/reviews/22way_pad_comparison/22_way_comparisona.JPG


A News Post Would Be Appreciated.Thanks In Advance.

SincerelyNik Kastrantas


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