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fastest distribution?

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thanks guys. So you're saying a knoppix linux (the easiest I heard) can be recompiled to run just as fast as gentoo?

Could you give me a link to an online manual you read to learn how to do this?


p.s.- by the way, how DO you learn how to use linux anyway? it can't be all experimentation alone, because you have to learn basic commands. I'm a complete newbie here. all I know is a few commands like "ls" to list files, and "cd /bin" to enter a folder.

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Unless you personally know someone who knows Linux, The way to learn is through research, looking at online manuals, trial and error, and asking on boards like this. Anyone who has learned Linux will tell you that Google is your best friend! Also go to LinuxQuestions.org and look for answers there.

Honestly, coming from a Windows environment, Linux can be really frustrating in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, you'll never go back!

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