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Knoppix 3.3 Beta

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Wow! This is actually more fun than I thought possible from a Live CD! Be careful though, you'll have full access to your Windows partician (assuming some of you still use that Microsoft stuff). Debian based, KDE desktop, Linux 2.4.22 with Mozilla 1.5, OpenOffice 1.1, XMMS 1.2.8, Sun Java VM, and a ton of other things packed into one CD! I've tried both Gnoppix and Morphix as well but the current Knoppix distribution seems to include just about anything you would want or need including a variety of utilities as well as office applications (sans Evolution which would be a plus if they could figure out how to include it).


Download this jewel and try it for yourself, I think you'll be impressed.




If you want to set the root password to install more stuff...


Ctrl+Alt+F2 and type passwd at the prompt, enter the new password, confirm it, Ctrl+Alt+F5 to get back to KDE.


Note: Printing wouldn't work for me (maybe you'll have better luck) other than that a great Live CD.

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