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Sim City 3000 w/ Windows 7

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First post, so don't be harsh! I did a search, couldn't find anything related to what I have.


So I have an old game that I used to play all the time a long time ago, Sim City 3000. I believe back then I was using a Windows 2000 machine, and it worked very well. Well today, years later, even a change of home, I found the disk for the game and I want to play it again to revive old memories. However, I'm having trouble installing, as it freezes and I have to CRT-ALT-DELETE and run task manager and kill it.


I'm running Windows 7 with a HP Pavalion Elite HPE-510y. This machine runs today's games at or close to highest video settings. No modifications done to it.


This is as far as I could get, after I hit OK it sits for a while and then freezes, with the dreaded water mark overlay.




Also, I'm a noob when it comes to following step-by-step instructions on the computer, so the simpler, the better!




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