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Danilo Mota Soares

Impossible running RE2 PC

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I got Resident Evil 2 for PC, I run it on Windows XP.

At the beginning, it was slow and poor graphics, and the game didn't load, the "can't load file"-like thing.

So I changed the compatibilty to Win 98 and changed the save directory to C:\residentevil2

Now the game runs smoothly and fast, but the save/load screen always crash.

Tried all the solutions posts in all foruns I found, no one helped. The game runs great, but the save/load screen is always crashing, no matter what modification I made based on answers on the web's foruns.

Do anyone had the same problem?


Again, my save/load problem is not that about changing the directories, I done that.

The problem is... IT'S ALWAY CRASHING, "LeonU.exe found an error and will be closed".


Some people said that RE2 has a bug on savegame while in Win XP/Vista/7. True?

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I was having the same issue, I'm running it on Windows 7 64 bit, compatibility Windows 95 mode. It was crashing even after I created a save path like yours. I ended up having to make the save path the same folder that the game is installed on. C:\Program Files (x86)\Capcom\Resident Evil 2. I don't remember where online I found that, but it works for me.

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