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Setting up wireless network - Slackware 13.1

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Hi All,


Am more or less new to Linux - Have played around with it on and off on the odd occasion since about 1993.

At present an trying to get Slackware 13.1 running (Slackware 9.0 would have been my last attempt)on a Toshiba laptop with an Intel Pro 2200BG adapter.


I have Network working via the built in LAN adapter and according to the "investigations" I have made so far, the wireless adapter (Intel Pro 2200BG) has installed as eth1.


Now, this might be a silly question and/or it may be a problem with my installtion, but how to you configure the parametres for a wireless network (ssid, access point name, password etc)?

Can you search for available networks like you can in Windows ?

I do not seem to be able to find how to in Slackware, or from under the GUI interface - I think I have KBE (or KDE) running.


Everytime I try and go into networking, I get an error about not being able to Parse the xml file.


Any help greatly appreciated...

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