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delay startup in XP

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Hi, I use XP ,I want to delay the startup time in the startup folder .I do not want to install other party software .Can I edit the registry to achieve this ??Please give m detailed ...


Is it a particular program that you would like to delay, or just all of them in Startup ???? There ARE several progs out there that will allow this and they have a rather small footprint I believe.... I understand your not wanting another prog to run, but doing this by editing the registry *Might* be a real bummer....... Try doing the Google for something like "Delay startup programs in Registry" or "Editing the registry to delay startup programs"......you'll have to fool with this.....




Here's one site to check out....


And another.....


And one more for now...

Best of luck to ya sir !!! That's an interesting question, and though I don't have any progs I wanna delay, I'd like to know myself !!! B)

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Check the Registry and services..

Uncheck all unwanted Applications and services that are running under startup.

And uncheck all default applications which you dont want to use anymore.

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