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Ububtu 10.04 not installing

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Hello All,


I am new to Ubuntu and so far I have been able to install it on my laptop and a media center server. The media center had a 80 GB drive in it and it worked like a charm. It has 10.04 server, but I wanted to have a bigger drive and a gui interface. I really don't need the server and I can use a desktop as the server as all I will be doing is sharing files and storing music and movies on it. So 10.04 desktop should be just fine


My problem is that I replaced the 80 GB drive with a Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA drive, 7200 RPM and 32 MB Cache. Now I cannot install anything on the new drive. I install Ubuntu 10.04 and I get to the point of where it partitions the drive. All I am doing on this part is selecting erase and use entire drive. It then goes to the next screen and sticks at 5% complete. Then I get the following error "(Process:301): GLib-WARNING **: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown users id (0)". Not sure why this is happening any help would be greatly appreciated.


The specs to my pc is below. I hope that is enough info.


1.8Ghz, Core 2 Duo, 2 GB Ram, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000

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