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supreme snowboarding ... I wrote to infogames

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Yeah this is for the people that get that wierd application error... something like Application failed to initilize properly..

0x50000000000000f or some crap. I forgot what it was because I havent installed it since I have reformatted. But heres what the guy said from infogames.


''begin msg



Hello Jon,


You could send us your error message, which I will then pass on to the development team, it may be useful to them. The real the point is that Win2000 is substantially different from Win95/98 and the game was never designed to run under this OS. I’m not sure if the developers will/can make a patch but if I receive any further information I will forward it on to you.

''end msg


Everyone send this guy your error msg. Maybe they will patch it sooner. It doesnt seem like they really care at the moment.



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