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neil kearns

Ubuntu networking problems, USB and wireless

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Hello, I just got Ubuntu 10.04 and am super impressed already in it's ability to recognize all my hardware. In trying to use my WUSB54g network adaptor, I can see my network but cannot access any webpages other than Ubuntu.com. I am currently thinking it's a driver issue or that my box is USB1.0 and it's just too slow causing the timeout.


1) How do I see what driver is being used for the WUSB54g adaptor, or is it possible that this adaptor functions without a driver installed?

2) Can I see if the USB hub is enhanced or not? This is a troubleshooting step for the wireless problem.

3) How to install a driver- currently the window says "no hardware drivers are installed" yet my printer works ok without intervention.


Thanks for any info on this!

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There are three or four versions of this adapter. Look on the sticker on the bottom of the adapter and post the version that you have (I think 1 ,2 or 4). Did you try installing the linux-firmware-nonfree package?

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