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Ran redhat-config-xfree86. Did this help?

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DEar sir,

Thanks for your reply. I have the RedHat Lonux 8 bible. by Chrstopher Negus. I happaend to browse through that after I had sent you the sos. It suggested to run redhat-config-free86. When i ran that it went through some loading and suggested to reboot syste.m When I did, I could get some Desk Top ahd my mouse was responding. But it took ages to refresh screen. The book suggests altest 64MB ram for xwindows and GUI. Mysystem has only 32MB. I am assuming the problem of slow screen update is because of only 32 MB ram. Am I right? Since this is a old Gate Way ystem --Pentium 133Mhs, I would belive that , it is hard to get the type of Ram. Hence I will have to live with charecter interface, work on Perl, Shell script, and charecter based c and C++ programs. Please correct me if I am wrong, and do suggest ways to effectively work on Linux. Thanks for all help,

With warmest Regards,

Krishna Prasad.

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