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Windows 2000 Server

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Any free tools/apps for Windows 2000 Server to defrag both the HDD's and Registry along with tips for file maintanence ???


I've been with my current employer for over 4 years now and I've been helping the Q/A staff with the servers both on the hardware and software side of things.


Of course the budget is tight so I'm looking at as many open source and freeware apps as possible.

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Best to leave alone unless reason to do so.


ie Terminal Server registry issues or if file system is HEAVILY fragmented.



Focus should be on upgrading away from Windows 2000 not maintaining further. (Microsoft will stop providing updates in July.....)



Most Windows 2000 servers can run Windows 2003 just fine from what I've seen but frankly if you are on Windows 2000 your focus should be on moving to a newer version of Windows inside of a VM and getting rid of your physical boxes as much as possible.

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