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Linux will not boot past "INIT: version 2.84 booting!

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#1 dcdjservices



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Posted 30 July 2003 - 05:31 PM

I installed Linux Redhat 8 yesterday from a CD and it installed fine! I then tried to boot it and it stopped at "INIT: version 2.84 booting". I do not know how to get it to start booting past that. I let it sit for 24 hours and it still was at the same thing. I turn on my computer and it goes to the menu to boot to Linux fine. But then, once it starts booting everything, it just stops at "INIT: version 2.84 booting". Can anyone help me with this problem fast? I really need help! Is Gateway EV700 compadible with Linux Redhat 8?

admin@dcdj.net [img]

#2 Tekchip



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Posted 31 July 2003 - 12:53 AM

The Gateway EV700 is a monitor model #. We'd need to know the model number of your acctual computer. It would also be helpful to know what kind of hardware you have in the machine. Usually a hang at boot time is caused by some form of hardware conflict. You might also want to try a newer version of Redhat like 9 which will have a newer kernel and modules supporting a greater amount of hardware.

#3 Admiral LSD

Admiral LSD

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Posted 31 July 2003 - 07:10 AM

Linux is compatible with anything provided you're willing to put the time and effort in to make some things work wink

#4 Philipp



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Posted 31 July 2003 - 02:34 PM

Maybe an apm issue? Try booting with the following boot parameter: apm=off

#5 dcdjservices



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Posted 31 July 2003 - 02:47 PM

I just figured that out a minute ago. It is not a Gateway EV700, thats the moniter. The computer says select on the tower. It is a Gateway brand. It has an Athlon 3 prosessor. NVIDIA Video card, a 20g hard drive, and 128megs of ram. That's all I know. Also, someone said booting without APM. What is APM and how do you turn it off if that is the problem. I again am sorry for telling you the wrong computer stuff.

#6 fleppir



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Posted 03 September 2003 - 06:43 PM

Thanx laugh

Now on to find the solution to why it hangs at the Firstboot frown

#7 PenguinBiker



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Posted 19 September 2003 - 06:44 PM

sorry for being a bit off topic but i would just like to mention that in the future when buying a computer stay away from gateway

they cut as many corners as possible. the hardware that they use is bad and getting worse (my last computer was a gateway and i had to replace everything but the case and have heard about many people with similar experiances) portage central high school recently bought 10 new gateways for the school newpaper (i'm on the newpaper staff) and 1 of them shipped with a bad cd-rom drive, one with a bad floppy, one with motherboard problems, and one with a hard drive that died 2 weeks after we got it. It seems unbeleiveable but its true. this is out of ten computers TEN! thats 40% of the computers that came with hardware problems.by the way they each costed $1000.

so once the warrenty runs out if you have to replace hardware don't replace it with stuff from gateway which usually cames from the lowest bidder

As far as compatability is concerned its like Admiral LSD said,
Linux is compatible with anything provided you're willing to put the time and effort in to make some things work wink

(theres even a distro out for a ti-86 calculator)

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