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Upgrade MDK 9 to 9.1 kde 3.1 problems-anyone help?

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Upgraded Mdk 9 to 9.1 and libkcm_konq.la causing problems when i right click on kde desktop>configureesktop>desktop


Actually I have a laptop as my other computer and I installed mdk 9.1 on it instead of upgrading and it works fine! However, in the above menu order it has Multiple Desktops listed where the upgrade version has just Desktop?

Also my Control Center on the upgraded machine has a few modules 9? that are not on the newly installed CC. I was wondering if kde3.1.2 install could solve this problem-and if so- does Mandrake support 3.1.2 and where are the install instructions for it.

Thanks for any help

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It looks to me that Konquerer has gotten b0rked somehow. You can try uninstalling it and replacing it with the mdk 9.1 version but you may need to force it as RPM sucks goat nuts.

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