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Quake 3 Arena Linux Dedicated Server

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Hello there.

I am trying to get a Quake 3 Arena dedicated server up and running on my linux box, so my friends can play on my LAN and others on the net can join in, but since I'm not very good with Linux... Anyway, I installed the Quake 3 Arena for Linux and patched it to point release 1.32 and tried running q3ded and here's what happened:

[admin@rogga quake3]$ q3dedQ3 1.32 linux-i386 Oct  7 2002----- FS_Startup -----Current search path:/home/admin/.q3a/baseq3/usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/pak8.pk3 (9 files)/usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/pak7.pk3 (4 files)/usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/pak6.pk3 (64 files)/usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/pak5.pk3 (7 files)/usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/pak4.pk3 (272 files)/usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/pak3.pk3 (4 files)/usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/pak2.pk3 (148 files)/usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/pak1.pk3 (26 files)/usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3/pak0.pk3 (3539 files)/usr/local/games/quake3/baseq3q3ded/baseq3----------------------4073 files in pk3 file[censored]ecing default.cfgcouldn't exec q3config.cfgcouldn't exec autoexec.cfgHunk_Clear: reset the hunk ok--- Common Initialization Complete ---Opening IP socket: localhost:27960Hostname: rogga.hubAlias: roggaAlias: localhost.localdomainAlias: localhostIP: tty console (use +set ttycon 0 to disable)^3PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server (v0.993 | A0 C0.0) **DISABLED**Hitch warning: 1626 msec frame time


Now, I'm particularly worried about the things in bold:

1. The "couldn't exec" lines. I did some googling and everyone said this isn't serious, but can anyone confirm that?

2. **DISABLED** Why did he go and do that? I 90% sure I forgot to add some parameters after q3ded, but those are all greek to me... Also, could this be the reason why my Windows Q3A client doesn't find the game? Because it's not even running?

3. "Hitch warning" I don't even understand that one.


I've also read the docs that said I needed to patch my kernel with a patch called udp_wide_broadcast.patch and here's what happened:

[admin@rogga LinuxFAQ]$ patch -p1 < udp_wide_broadcast.patchcan't find file to patch at input line 3Perhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?The text leading up to this was:--------------------------|--- linux/include/linux/sysctl.h.orig  2002-08-17 19:52:27.000000000 -0500|+++ linux/include/linux/sysctl.h       2002-08-17 19:53:00.000000000 -0500--------------------------File to patch:


File to patch? I dunno. I was guessing this thing was automatic. Also, there's an error, which puzzles me.


My computer specs are:

Pentium 200 MHz

96 MB Ram

A 4 MB graphics card (I always forget which one it is)

Two ethernet cards

I think that's it. Not exactly a powerhouse, I know, but it should be enough for a dedicated server, I think. It worked for Unreal Tournament anyway... It's running the ancient, but good RH 7.2.


Can anyone help? Sorry for the inconvenience and/or for the stupid questions.


Thanks in advance!

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You are going to need to write a shell script to start q3ded

call it q3ded.sh for example

./q3ded +set dedicated 2 +set net_IP 192.168.X.X

This is bare minimum

this is the actual script I run for my urbanterror server

cd /home/quake/quake3./q3ded +set dedicated 2 +set net_IP +set com_hunkmegs 128 +set fs_basepath ./ +set fs_game q3ut2 +set ttycon 0 +exec server.cfg +set vm_game 2 +set vm_ui 2

You are also going to need to have this next line of code in your server.cfg file

seta sv_master1 "master3.idsoftware.com"

This is so that your server reports to the master server so that your buddies can find your server.

As far as the "Hitch warning" goes this is normal it shows when maps are loading etc...

As far as your computer specs go I have no idea sound kinda tight.

I have seen quake3 played on a p2 233 mhz. so it may be ok but dont expect to be able to host many players. to optimize your system do not run XFree so therefore it will freeup some memory also dont run any other services. It would also be advisable to compile your kernel for your particular processor.

Your grafics card makes no difference to the point that its not really needed, you could control the server via telnet from another pc.

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