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Leadtek GTS Problems

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I have a Winfast Geforce 2 GTS 64 MB card and in most games it kicks butt. But some games look as if im running a voodoo 1 so i am forced to go to win98 with better results but still not satisfying. Anybody else ever have this problem. I get scores in the low 4000's on 3dmark so im not complaining there. ive tried many different detonators all with the same problems. any clue what this could be? I dont do any overclocking.


Games running very well: Quake 3, UT, Half Life, MDK, Need 4 Speed 5.

Games Running very poorly: Crimson Skies, Insane.


Athlon 700

Asus Mobo

160 MB RAM

40 GB MAxtor HDD

Philips Acoustic Edge

Windows 2k\98 dual boot

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Oh an i have already applied the windows 2000 hotfix, the windows 2k\Nvidia reg file, and the via 4 in 1 drivers dont seem to like my system so i havent put those back on.

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