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Enermax EG351P 330W ATX Power Supply

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does anyone have this PSU running and Thunderbird 1.1Ghz, does it run OK with 2 HD, CDRW, DVD, 128MB RAM, 5 cards (Live, dxr3, tnt2ultra (upgrading to geforce), haupauge wintv and NIC.) Thanks.



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I have the following on the PSU in question and it works fine...


Abit VP6, Dual Intel Pentium III 800EBs (cB0), 2x128MB PC133 RAM (Generic), 10.2GB Seagate U10 HD (ATA-66), 30.0GB Seagate U5 HD (ATA-100), 2.0GB Seagate (SCSI), Creative 32x CD-ROM Drive, Yamaha CRW4260T CD-RW (SCSI), Creative GeForce2 GTS, Creative SoundBlaster Live! Platinum, Accton Cheetah EN1207D-TX/WOL 10/100Mb/s Netword Card, Diamond Multimedia SuperExpress 56i PRO, Adaptec 2910AU SCSI Controller Card.



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