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How to make ximian/evolution default email client?

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I have been using (& quite like) the gnome/ximian evolution email client in RH9. Problem is, when I click on a email address link on a webpage for instance, the mozilla/netscape mail client wizard keeps popping up asking me to setup my email. I don't want to setup email for netscape/mozilla & want to use ximian exclusively. I'd like it to automatically fire up when I click on an address linky.


I have gone through the menus/options looking for a "set to default" type action, but have yet to find success.



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I was also looking to set Evolution as the default email client - couldn't find a setting anywhere and then tried removing other email clients but this didn't work. I am using Mandrake linux 10.0 official.


I solved my problem using Opera (www.opera.com) where you can specify the email client:

tools >> preferences >> advanced tab >> programs >> e-mail application


I entered: /usr/bin/evolution %w


The net result is when I click on an email address in a web page (I use vTiger CRM software to hold customer contact details - www.vtiger.com) then the Evolution new email page is automatically invoked with the "to:" address already populated.


Hope this helps.

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