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i need help installing a car amplifire to my comp

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well guys i need a little help with something.

i have a Car JBL subwoofer 1100W and 2 car speaker 350W each, and A car JBL amplifier wich was installed on my car and now its at my home..(they are already in boxes and everything) and i wanna hook it to my laptop. is that possible.??!!


the only problem i have is HOW to hook up this car amp to the audio input in the laptop, and the power source for it ( it says +12v) and the power here is 220V!!


i already have a audio to amp wire which i found at radio shack.

so i think my problem is with the power source only...how can i get the car amp to work on the laptop. and does it work normally?

please help me with this if u know anything about it ... thanks

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