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A couple of tips and tweaks that havn't been posted.

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First tip is nothing amazing but might help some people out a little performance wise.


Note: Only try this if your video card was part of the default list of cards when you installed/configured X. I dont know what it'll do if it wasn't directly supported by your distro.


If you open up your XF86Config located in /etc/X11 and scroll down to the 'device' section. Add a line to that section just before the 'endsection' line. The line should look like this:


option "accel"


This will make X render windows faster. It does not! make applications acctually start faster.



The second thing was touched on lightly in a previous post. It's the use of hdparm to tweak out your hard drive. I'm running a newer maxtor 40GB drive with Redhat 9. Redhat did a good job of configuring my hard drive but I did manage to squeeze and extra 6mb of transfer speed out of it. Check out the following links for the low down.






These guys seem a little paranoid but they do give a good reference list of basic options for hdparm.



And of course you could always type:


man hdparm


If you've got other good ideas post them here. If you acctually know what "accel" does, post that here too. I'm pretty sure it hands x to the video accelerator rather than the processor.

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Greetings ,


I was into search for some 'options' which could be included within /etc/X11R6/XF86Config myself too.


If i found out something else about vga/hdd/and in general anything at all that'll help our box run smoothly i'll let you know and we can post'em in here so we can share everything with eveyrone



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