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P3 cumine 800 running like an athlon 650 =(

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I've gotta new p3 cumine 800 and asus ge-force (6800 deluxe), its not too shabby....one minor complaint....i get theeee most appauling framerates around, 138fps on demo1.dm2 (i used to get 149 with my athlon 650 (asus ge-force as well) - and quake3 is totally un-changed...in any way, i'm using the latest drivers from asus, the via 4 in 1 drivers...or whatever, AGP x4 (unavailable on the athlon mb)..and running win2k sp1, anyone wanna gimmie any hints as to why its running so poooorly???

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actually, it has more to do w/ your mobo...via chipsets tend to be slower than bx chipsets even though they have 4x agp and what not...there always seems to be issues tied in w/ which 4 in 1 drivers are being used...You would probaby see a boost on a bx board...as for p3 vs athlon, my 650 p3 and 800 p3 smoke my friends 700 athlon on a regular basis...it is not your porcessor...my other friend runs q3 in 1600x1200 in win2k on a p3700 and i run it on my radeon @ 1600x1200...both on bx chipsets...almost any forum will have several people having issues w/ via chipsets...

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Yeah, with the i815e chipset and the asus cusl2, youd be crazy to go with something else smile Via chipsets seem to suck with p3's, my friend got a 20% performance boost when replacing his old via apollo pro 133 board with the i815e - same cpu and other hardware.

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Dont have Althon, but my Celeron 550 smokes my friend's p3 700, why, I have a CLAP 2 while he has a TNT2. so your p3 smokes your friend's althon makes no sense at all. you have to compare both cpu with same setup like same amount of ram, video card etc etc.


btw, no need to reply, not here to start an athlon/p3 discussion, since i don't have both, period.

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Thanks lads

you got any suggestions as to what mainboard i SHOULD get in its place?

preferably AGP x4 (fast writes etc)

I got the general idea that the 815 was good (from you lot :P )

thanks again

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Asus CUSL2


Can't go wrong with it


Replaced my Athlon 750/Asus K7V with the cusl2 and 800/133, and not only did I get a general increase in overall performance, my machine DOESN'T LOCK UP OR GET NTFS or NTOSKRNL errors!!


i815e and intel are a much better combo than any Athlon with a VIA chipset could ever be, at least in 2k




OBSIDIAN2 (Win2k System)

---Custom Built---

PIII Coppermine(FCPGA 370) 800eb w/133FSB (with ThermalTake Golden Orb heatsink)

Asus CUSL2 mobo(no onboard sound) BIOS rev 1002.005 Beta

PNY 288(295 listed)MB PC100 SDRAM (2x128 & 1x32)

A-Top 901 Case & 300W Athlon Approved Power Supply

30GB MAXTOR Diamand Max UDMA/66 7200 RPM hdd and IBM15-7 15GB UDMA/100 7200RPM hdd

3 Internal 80mm fans(along with Power Supply, CPU, and GeForce fans)

CL SB Live! X-Gamer on Liveware 3

CL GB Annhilator Pro GeForce DDR on Detonator 6.18

Windows 2000 Advanced Server (SP1)

Logitech Itouch Pro

Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer(Gen 1)

Everglide (HL Giganta)

Logitech Soundman G1 Speakers

D-Link DFE-530TX+ Ethernet Adapter

Compaq V720 17" Monitor

Memorex 4x2x24 CD-RW

Compaq(Pioneer) 6x DVD


INFERNO (Win9x(ME), BeOS5-and eventually other OS-System)

---Compaq Presario 5600i---

PIII 500(498 listed) (Pre CuMine)

Compaq 128(131 listed)MB RAM

IBM DJNA 13501 UDMA/33 7200RPM Hdd

ATI Xpert 98 video card

Sonic Impact S90

Logitech Quickcam Home(listed as WEB)

Hauppauge! WinTV GO

Intel Onboard and ATI AT-2000 ISA Ethernet cards

Windows ME Build 3000 OEM Final?

BeOS 5 Personal Edition

Maybe Mandrake 7.1

PC Concepts AT-to-Ps2 Keyboard

Logitech First/Pilot Wheel Mouse

Everglide LAP(promo)

Sony Walkman Speakers

Packard Bell 14" monitor




Perfect condition--replaced with intel system



AMD Athlon 750(model 2) retail (Slot A)

Asus K7V Mobo BIOS revision 1007 for $250.

3 weeks old

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Weido stuffo !!!!

I had a SOYO 6VBA133 and switched to the CUSL2 for audio issues.

See signature for specs.




PIII 800MHz EB (FSB133MHz)

128MB PC133

AsusTek CUSL2 FC-PGA i815E


AsusTek AGP-V6800 GeForce 256 DDR

SB MP+ Live! CT4760

Maxtor 20.4GB 7200RPM UDMA66


Quantum 5.1GB 5400RPM UDMA33

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