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DvD better playback and Games better performance within X

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Greetings ,


I Thought would be great to have an "open" topic which we can all talk/ask and share knowledge and opinions & thoughts about this issue


I'd like to share with you and that's why i made a start of something like this


Here we can discuss about DvD & Games performance not only within X and in general about our box's performance


So here we go ...



Using xine-ogle-mplayer is kinda great watching our movies


Playing some games within X which are using 3D ( if out card supports 3D within X )


The first thing which we must check is our hardware , then if our hardware's is supported by our distro and the related applications


Xine,ogle,mplayer , both of'em in their project sites have some info about the performance.


Xine - http://dvd.sourceforge.net/xine-howto/en_GB/html/howto-9.html


Ogle - http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/groups/dvd/


The most important is ( if it's supported ) to enable DMA ( stands for direct memory access ) so we can get a better performance of our combo/dvd/cdrom/cdrw/hdd


We can check if it's enabled with


hdparm /dev/hda | /dev/hdc


And much more which will be discused concerning our problems or thoughts,opinions


As for games , we can execute 3Ddiag to get some info and switch to :


/usr/X11R6/bin/switch2xf86_glx if it's necessary


*16/24bit* within X could cause the non 3D usage and vice versa






To be continued ...

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Greetings ,


To Enable 3D is easy,the direct rendering is working though ?


We type : glxinfo |grep rendering


If what returns is Yes then we're set , otherwise we need to use the scripts to switch mesa,glx and perhaps install the necessary packages , devel and such



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