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MR whistler

Warning!!!!! Asus Geforce ddr 6800 driver

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Do not use the new nvida garphic card driver, it will not work, it will just give you a black blank screen, this happens both with win 2k and win me !!!!!!

And to get your existing driver back on is a wright pain in the A** because you invoke last know good it merges both drivers, so when you click on prop and go to advance it shows both asus and nvida tools.


i tried removeing the asus driver to see if, this would cure the problem, but it made it worse, so just remove the nvida driver, because the driver aint going to f****** work, its just took me 20 mins to get the orignal driver back on !!!!

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Are you saying the nVidia driver is broken or the Asus driver? I've used both without any trouble. Which new nVidia driver are you referring to? Currently, I'm running the 5.30 reference drivers, and they seem a whole lot faster than the 3.x line of drivers that Asus insists on putting out. It's about time they got their act together and released one of the 5.22 based drivers.....


At any rate, I haven't seen a blank screen problem yet, so it sounds like you have a conflict/screw up somewhere in there.

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