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uninstall red hat

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hello every one


I wanted to install dual system (xp,red hat 5) on my laptop so i installed red hat enterprise 5 and the whole hard disk become a partition for linux after that i discovered i must install windows first (this the first time i deal with linux)


so now i want uninstall red hat 5 and install windows then red hat 5 but i cant


i tried to boot from windows but it doesnt understand the partition table i think it just goes black without doign anything i cant even reach the level of the first welcome screen


i try to boot from red hat Dvd and type commands like fdisk but it says kernel cant find image


so what can i do


i don't have a bootable Cd with partition magic on it and i don't have a floppy drive to make rescue disks if that's what you gonna advice


please help



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Since you don't have a floppy drive you can do one of two things.


1. If you know the make of the hard drive in the laptop, get the format utility from the hard drive manufacturer and make a bootable cd from their iso version. This will allow you to format the drive to NTFS so you can re-install Windows. Of course you need another computer with a cdrw drive to do this.


2. Use the RHE or any Linux live cd disk to format the drive to a fat32 file system, then re-install Windows. You can also do the same with most Linux distros that allow you to boot the system. You would follow the install to the point of formatting the hard drive, format it to fat32, remove the cd and reboot, then re-install Windows.


I assume that you are referencing this Microsoft article?


You can't use the fdisk command at the boot screen (that shows the install/rescue options) which is why it states that it can't find the kernel image. You have to load the install phase first and work from there.

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